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Chevrolet Blazer Fullsize Tail Light Passenger Side Chrome Trim Fleetside HQ - GM2801122

Chevrolet Blazer Fullsize Tail Light Passenger Side Chrome Trim Fleetside HQ - GM2801122

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Model Fitment: Chevrolet Blazer Fullsize 1973-1991

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Paint Job Details

  • High-quality paint ensures a durable and long-lasting finish.
  • Precise colour matching to achieve a 97%-99% match to the original colour of your vehicle.
  • Parts are prepped properly, including sanding and priming, to ensure paint adhesion and longevity.
  • Lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, or fading.
  • Clear coats and finishes are applied to match the rest of the vehicle's surface for a seamless finish.
  • All work is done by experienced professionals who take pride in their craft and attention to detail.

Please order based off your paint code, do NOT order based off the paint name as these change throughout the different models and years.

How To Find Your Paint Code View full details
Part Description
  • The Chevrolet Blazer Fullsize Tail Light Passenger Side Chrome Trim Fleetside HQ part number GM2801122 is a compatible replacement for model years 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991.
  • This tail light is designed to fit Chevrolet Blazer Fullsize 1973-1991 and is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.
  • This tail light is manufactured to match OEM specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.
  • It is recommended to review the OEM Part Numbers with your vehicle manufacturer to ensure proper installation and fitment of any replacement parts.

Fitment Data

CHEVROLETBLAZER1973-1991w/bright trim
CHEVROLETC101975-1986Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETC10 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETC10 SUBURBAN1973-1986w/bright trim
CHEVROLETC201975-1986Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETC20 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETC20 SUBURBAN1973-1986w/bright trim
CHEVROLETC301975-1986Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETC30 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETK101975-1986Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETK10 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETK10 SUBURBAN1973-1986w/bright trim
CHEVROLETK201975-1986Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETK20 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETK20 SUBURBAN1973-1986w/bright trim
CHEVROLETK301977-1986Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETR101987R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETR10 SUBURBAN1987-1988w/bright trim
CHEVROLETR1500 SUBURBAN1989-1991w/bright trim
CHEVROLETR201987-1988R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETR20 SUBURBAN1987-1988w/bright trim
CHEVROLETR2500 SUBURBAN1989-1991w/bright trim
CHEVROLETR301987-1988R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETV101987R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETV10 SUBURBAN1987-1988w/bright trim
CHEVROLETV1500 SUBURBAN1989-1991w/bright trim
CHEVROLETV201987R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
CHEVROLETV20 SUBURBAN1987-1988w/bright trim
CHEVROLETV2500 SUBURBAN1989-1991w/bright trim
CHEVROLETV301987-1988R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCC151975-1978Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCC15 SUBURBAN1975-1978w/bright trim
GMCC15/C1500 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCC15/C1500 SUBURBAN1973-1974w/bright trim
GMCC15001979-1987Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCC1500 SUBURBAN1979-1986w/bright trim
GMCC251975-1978Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCC25 SUBURBAN1975-1978w/bright trim
GMCC25/C2500 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCC25/C2500 SUBURBAN1973-1974w/bright trim
GMCC25001979-1987Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCC2500 SUBURBAN1979-1986w/bright trim
GMCC351975-1978Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCC35/C3500 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCC35001979-1987Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCJIMMY1973-1991w/bright trim
GMCK151975-1978Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCK15 SUBURBAN1975-1978w/bright trim
GMCK15/K1500 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCK15/K1500 SUBURBAN1973-1974w/bright trim
GMCK15001979-1987Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCK1500 SUBURBAN1979-1986w/bright trim
GMCK251975-1978Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCK25 SUBURBAN1975-1978w/bright trim
GMCK25/K2500 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCK25/K2500 SUBURBAN1973-1974w/bright trim
GMCK25001979-1987Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCK2500 SUBURBAN1979-1986w/bright trim
GMCK35/K3500 PICKUP1973-1974Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCK35001979-1987Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCR15001987R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCR1500 SUBURBAN1987-1991w/bright trim
GMCR25001987-1989R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCR2500 SUBURBAN1987-1991w/bright trim
GMCR35001987-1991R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCV15001987R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCV1500 SUBURBAN1987-1991w/bright trim
GMCV25001987R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel
GMCV2500 SUBURBAN1987-1991w/bright trim
GMCV35001987-1991R/V; Fleetside; w/bright bezel