Does Your Vehicle Have Parking Sensors?

Does Your Vehicle Have Parking Sensors?

Many vehicles have parking sensors installed in the front and/or rear bumper. It is important to know if your vehicle has parking sensors, because if you are replacing your front or rear bumper, you will want to select the correct bumper.

What are Parking Sensors?

Parking sensors are a feature on vehicles that assist drivers with parking and driving. The parking sensors are typically on the front and/or rear bumper. The parking sensors are designed to identify obstacles with an audio alarm. This audio alarm beeps once the driver gets too close to an obstacle. Some vehicles even have a visual alarm as well in the front infotainment system. Please note that parking sensors are a different feature than a vehicle’s front or rear bumper camera system!

How Can I Tell if I Have Parking Sensors?

The first answer to this question is to test your vehicle and see if it beeps when you get too close to a front obstacle and a back obstacle. If you hear a beep, you have parking sensors. If you hear no beep, you do not have parking sensors. If you only hear a beep when you are in reverse and close to an obstacle, that means you only have rear parking sensors, and vice-versa with the front bumper.

The second way you can tell if you have parking sensors is by looking at your front and rear bumper. Typically, bumpers that have parking sensors will have four sensors per bumper. They look like small little holes, usually on the lower portion of your bumper. If you see these sensors on your front and/or rear bumper, that is a sure sign that you do have parking sensors!

Does Partify Offer Bumpers Compatible with Parking Sensors?

Partify does offer front and rear bumpers on our website that have parking sensor holes. The bumpers with sensor holes will have “with sensor holes” written in the title of the product. This means that the bumpers with the parking sensor holes have little holes cut out so you can still use your parking sensors, even with a brand-new bumper!

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