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What is the Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts?

What is the Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts?

OEM parts versus Aftermarket parts, what is the difference? This is a common question we get from customers. Fortunately, we’re here to answer that question so you can be informed before you purchase!

OEM Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning the parts are built by the same company that made your car initially. Therefore, OEM parts are always going to be the same fitment, durability, and quality as the original parts on your car. The downside of OEM parts is that they are typically quite expensive because they are purchased directly from a Dealership.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are parts that are sourced from a third-party supplier. This means that they are not coming right from a Dealership. It is important to note that Aftermarket parts on are brand new. Partify’s Aftermarket parts are guaranteed the same fitment, durability, and quality as OEM parts. Additionally, Aftermarket parts are typically much more cost effective than OEM parts.

Does Partify Sell Aftermarket or OEM Parts?

Partify offers front bumpers, rear bumperstailgatesfenders, and grilles as both Aftermarket parts and OEM parts. Some customers are interested in paying the extra money to have their part come right from a Dealership. Most customers are looking for an inexpensive solution, but a solution that still offers the same quality as the Dealership could offer them. Considering the Aftermarket parts are the same fitment, durability, and quality as OEM parts, it is a great way to fix your vehicle while still being cost friendly and efficient.

Overall, the main difference between OEM and Aftermarket parts is the cost. If you are looking to repair your vehicle with high quality parts that will not cost a large amount of money, then purchasing Aftermarket parts is the way to go.

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