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How To Find Your Paint Code

You can find your paint code on the manufacturing sticker as explained below.

 We've also listed manufacturer specific instructions below to find your paint code.

GM - Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac

Most commonly found in the drivers side door jamb on an information sticker similar to what you see below. GM paint codes are displayed in a few different ways, but can be interpreted the same. These can be between 5 and 6-digits. Ex: WA926L, U926L, and 926L are the same paint code. Your paint code may also be located next to "BC/CC" on the service parts label.

Ford Motor Co. - Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury

The paint code for most Ford manufactured vehicles is usually displayed inside the drivers side door jamb, on a vehicle information sticker and is a 2-digit code. Ex: D3, AQ, ZY, T5. Can be displayed as "EXT PNT: ##" or "## EXTERIOR PAINT".

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Fiat

Located on the drivers side door jamb, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/RAM paint codes are 3-digits typically prefixed by the letter P. Ex: PSB, PS2, PW7 | Fiat paint codes can range from 3 to 4-digits and are similar to the rest of the Chrysler lineup. Ex: 268A, PW3, JRP.

Honda Motor Co - Acura and Honda

Like other manufacturers, Honda generally displays their paint codes on an information sticker on the drivers side door frame. These codes are usually 4 to 7-digits long and can be prefixed by 2 letters such as "YR- or NH-" and suffixed with a single letter such as P or M. Ex: NH-624P, NH638M, NH578, Y-71M, B92P, BG-57P, and so on.

Nissan Motor Co - Infiniti, Nissan, Mitsubishi

Nissan also displays their paint codes inside the drivers side door jamb. All Nissan paint codes are 3-digits long containing both letters and numbers. Ex: KH3, 031, 40A, KAD.

Toyota Motor Corp. - Toyota, Lexus, Scion

Toyota & Lexus paint codes are displayed in a very similar fashion to other manufacturers, inside the driver side door jamb on the vehicle information sticker. Most commonly found next to "C/TR:" which stands for "Color / Trim". Toyota paint codes are almost always 3-digits. Ex: 1C0, 1D6, 202, 040.

BMW Group - BMW, Mini

Most BMW's will have their paint code located on the sticker under the hood on the drivers side, or on the drivers side strut tower. Mini's display their paint code on the passenger side under the hood on the firewall, or the passenger side strut tower. BMW & Mini paint codes are usually 3-digits and can be a mix of letters and numbers. Ex: 354, 896, A52, A76

Volkswagen Group - Audi, Volkswagen

All Audi & Volkswagen vehicles have their paint codes displayed in one of a few locations within the vehicles trunk. Some of the possible locations within the trunk are: Under the trunk deck lid, inside the rear compartment, under the mat, or on the spare tire wheel well. Some of the variants are: 4015, LY7G, 2T, Q4SF.

Daimler AG - Mercedes-Benz, Smart

Mercedes-Benz vehicles will display their paint code in 3 different places, depending on the model. The three most common locations you can find your Mercedes-Benz paint code are in the drivers side door jamb, under the hood on the upper radiator support, or on the underside of the hood. Mercedes-Benz paint codes are 3-digits long and contain only numbers. Older paint codes may be prefixed by DB. Ex: 723, DB-143, 147, 040.

Smart car paint codes will vary in length and composition relative to the vehicles year and model. These codes can range from 3-4 digits and are usually located on the vehicles firewall under the hood, drivers side door jamb, or the vehicles trunk lid. Ex: 9696, C46L, EA4.

Hyundai Motor Co. - Kia, Hyundai

All Hyundai & Kia vehicles will display their paint code inside the drivers side door jamb. These paint codes can range from 2-3 digits. Ex: IM, 2T, FF, SWP, ABT. These instructions apply both to Kia & Hyundai vehicle information stickers, which will display the relevant manufacturers name on the label.


All Subaru models display their paint code on the label found either on the strut towers under the hood, or on the passenger side door jamb, or door edge. Subaru paint codes are typically 3-digits long made up of numbers and letters. Ex: 01W, 24G, 406, 41A.